Friday, November 9, 2007

sore throat

bad sore throat.
why? dikir barat P3?
wat's dat? students will be performin dikir barat for our year-end performance.
67 students will be taking part. i have to shout sebab depa nih susah sket nak dengar kata.
at the end, tekakku jadik mangsa.
yesterday WAS SO BADDD!...need help from hubby to be my jurucakap.
today, slightly better.
oh, danial's in town.
extra hols for me so we pick him up yesterday .
can't write banyak-banyak because he said,
" mama, janganlah tutup game. Ammar nak main"
so, the boss is in town.
can't do anything.
except layan him main game.

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