Friday, December 14, 2007


A good friend ask me today on the phone:

Ms M: Awal you balik nowadays?
Me: Err....nak tunggu apa lagi?...Dah tak penting, ciao jer laa.
Ms M: Eh your new department penting kan?
Me: Yah, but i am not in the mood to stay lama-lama anymore...
Ms M: Emm..ok..see you next week...

That was the brief conversation that i had with my good buddy today. A brief one but i've made my point. I don't think it's wrong to feel that way. Even i told Ms D how i felt and she wonders why i didn't talk to Ms T. Decision has been made. Will it be change just because i am not happy?

I'm a bit emo since training starts this week. Dunno why. But i've learnt one useful thing. Be flexible. Yeah, i'm trying to be flexible and accept the changes in life. Changes are here and there and it's up to us how to adopt it. I'm still trying.

It's Friday. My boy is on the way. That'll make my day the most.

Oh, Ms K is going to deliver soon. Wonder what to get for her.

Ah, another Ms K and Ms W will be in another room. Ouch, we'll be apart. Duh! No more talking over nasi lemak and hot coffee.

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