Monday, January 7, 2008

First day in school

Today is Danial's first day in school. He's excited and so were his parents. Tokma, Atuk and Ahcu tagged along to sent him to his tadika. It was located in Taman Usrah Jaya, Melaka. Nama tadika dia Tadika Al-A'qil. How did he behave on his first day?

When we arrived, there were lots of parents already. The kids has been already been grouped into their classrooms except for the young ones aged 4 and below were located at the main hall. I settled the fees while tokma take care of him. His dad was so busy taking his photos while Ahcu tolong jaga his meal box (i bought for him 2 years ago in Sogo...preparing for his first day in tadika). At first, he clinged to my leg and i said, "That's it...he's going to cry today..."...hahahahaha..makcik dah salah anggap terhadap teruna bujang ku yang sorang ni....

After he got his red name tag, i asked the teacher, what class is he in. The teacher said "oh, he's in nursery,"..Alamak, makcik put high expectation and ingat dah masuk normal class...rupa-rupanya dalam group nursery. He may be tall and matured beyond his age but in reality he's still a baby at the age 3 and 1/2 years old. Maybe sebab we all treated him as big kid tak terasa pun he's still a baby. After the teacher gave few mukadimah, we left the hall to be outside the school. Let him be with his friends. Yeah, he didn't even cried. It makes me so proud of him for being so matured at his young age.

His teacher taught them few songs, baca doa and sing nursery rhymes. We peeped thru the window and saw his tangan yang sungguh montel mengikut ajaran guru. Hahaha, so cute! He is easily distracted because few boys that sat next to him main gaduh-gaduh. Mamat nih pun nak join sekali. Teacher tak terhandle dengan kerenah bebudak lelaki nih yang tak boleh duduk diam. I think tomorrow they will separate the 3 years old and the 4 years old. Geng Danial red name tag ada dalam 8 orang.

9.30 am they had their break. My boy choosed to sit with the boys aged 4 years old since geng dia yang lain ada yang masih menangis. Not one, but few cried out loud when their parents left them. He ate mihun and reported to me at the grilled door, "Ma, Amar makan mee banyak. Sedap sangat..!" Yeah rite, tokma masak kat rumah tak penah pun makan. Ceh, pi sekolah ada geng laju je makan.

School will end this week at 10:30 am. He commented to us that he likes to go to school and looking forward to come to school again tomorrow. Alhamdullillah.

p/s: We have to buy another pair of uniform. First day dah berpeluh. Oh, his face was so red when we left. Maybe panas sikit and he is the type yang tak leh tahan panas.


Arin said...

Jambul yg terkuar dr kopiah make him soooooo hensem...

AnasDila said...

wah! daniel dah p sekolah la...dah besau dah budak ni...hehehe