Sunday, October 19, 2008

8 jam = 7 buah rumah

Wow! Berjaya gak we finito jalan raya to umah uncles and aunties plus frens semalam. Siap bring along baju spare for my boy kot-kot baju nyer kotor!.....we left home at 10 am on the dot and masuk ke jalan MRR2...first house?

1. Umah Uda a.k.a dilot, taichee and obefiend's home - Uda got the wrong message thinking that we are coming on Sunday instead of Saturday. It hapens that she read the message on Saturday morning. As usual she thot want to cook her fave dish nasi lemak (happens to be my fave too!) but since sudah silap hari, kami makan pulut kuning. Takpe laa....nama pun jalan raya, makan kuih raya pun dah kira ok. Next year kalau jalan raya umah Tok Uda lagi, my boy dah leh ada geng nak main...jeng...jeng..jeng....tunggu ler Ziyyad ek....!

2. Second house on the list was Pak Long's house in Sg Penchala. Over there, Hakim (Pak Long's son) goreng kuehteow express for us. Despite me telling Mak Long jangan susah-susah, still she instructed her son to goreng the kuehteow. Dah half penuh dah perut kami kat situ.

3. Third house was Uncle Man and Aunty Inan's house. Just few tapaks from Pak Long's house. unlce and Pak Long are siblings (a.k.a my mom's side). Over there, agan despite telling aunty jangan susah-susah, she cook fish and chips for us...oh, sungguh sedap! Even my boy enjoyed the fish..(Pacific West nyer gak!)...clock is ticking because i promised Aween to meet us at tol Kota Damansara for our next destination. last-last tukar time jumpa sebab aunty suh makan dulu...dah full dah perut by the time we left Sg Penchala....

4. We meet Aween and her family kat tol Kota Damansara around 2.20pm...LDP jem gla. Nasib baik her hubby familiar with that area. Reached Azhan's place around 2.40pm. Azhan, me and Aween were college buddies. Arn was Aween's significant other half masa di college dulu. When i shake hand with Arn, he said, "Masuklah, Kem ada kat dalam"...hahahahaha.....the world is so small and of all the places, my supposedly significant other half dulu muncul kat umah bestfren dia gak. He came with his wifey plus 2 kids...his wifey is expecting their 3rd! congratulations.....Arn's wifey was our junior in college...Puan Sheila seems like avoiding us (or was it Aween?)....yang melayan kami si Arn....We didn't eat a lot there except for Aween and Yohan.....left their place around 3pm plus.... (p/s: he asked me, "Anak you ke?" hehehe...why laa ask such question...of course laa mine...handsome kan?".....sometimes kelakar gak kalau people dunno how to react, they simply ask question like that)

5. Nelly's crib was our fifth destination in Kelana Jaya...Nelle was my roomate, college buddy and a GREAT cook!. there were tonnes of food dari fried chicken, mashed potato, chicken pie, lasagna, cakes, cakes, cakes...banyaknyer dishes!.....i ate lasagna while hubby makan cakes...Aiza was there already and Danial had her greatest time playing with Aiza's Daniel....Danial main ngan Daniel Ultraman...later, Aween, Amie and Nana came. Havoc laa umah Nelly ngan potpetnyer.....Ipin is a lucky guy to have Nelly as his wifey because she is a GOOD cook...dari sekeping, now Ipin dah what hubby said to me, "Ipin tuh cekal hati dia, dia tak peduli apa orang kata tentang Nelly,"....oh...Nelly is a big size person. She's like our big momma masa di college. Since i was her roomie, our katil bapa kali patah sebab our crib was the fave lepak's place!

6. After that we went to Tok Nah's hosue in Kelana Jaya SS4....Tok is related to hubby's side a.k.a Johor. Every year without fail we will definitely visit their place. Tok Nah dah tak sihat sebab she was diagnosed with tyroid...her eyesight was affected because of it. They were very shocked to see my boy. macam dipam-pam.....hahahahha...

7. Last destination was Aunty Ana's place in USJ4.....such a long way (err, not really laa from KJ)....Amar tertido and when he suddenly terjaga, he cried like mad! Wanted to go home masa tuh gak...but somehow i managed to pujuk him. At aunty's place, i changed my clothes since hubby promised Ammar to bring him to Subang Parade....after having our last dish for the day, we headed to Subang Parade. Bawak the young boy to Toys R Us, had coffee at Big Apple then balik....penatnyer!!!...nasib baik Federal Hway tak jem.....9:45 we reached home safely.....

After this, we are going to Sunway Lagoon pulak. I'm attending a farewell party there organised by my p5 girls....bring along hubby and kiddo since hubby pun kata cam nak mandi-manda this weekend. After that, ke Melaka to hantar balik my boy. Very hectic weekend but yet i enjoyed it because i could spare my time with the family. Tomorrow..keja..keja..keja....3 more weeks till school holiday...yippie!

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Miss BumbleBee said...

ceh, patutlah geng banyak duit ghayer nak spend kat Toy R Us....

how did i spend my saturday
1. seniman bujang lapok.
2. Kan Cheong Kitchen
2. F1 qualyfying
3. Hindustani's -Just Married
4. Save The last dance 2
5. cerekarama oleh fasha sandot
6. No rafa since they giving way for EPL ( he lost too *sigh*)

oh, The Sims 2 susahlah nak navigate!!!!!!