Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abang Koboi

Abang Koboi tak sabar-sabar nak pi Family Day

Schlumberger had their Family Day last weekend di Titiwangsa. The theme was Wild Wild West. The best part was every kid will be given a coupon and they can redeemed it at the game stall. After that choose laa one toy whatever that they want. Hubby was incharged of the toys so basically we knew what he bought in Toys R Us for the event. It's up to the young man to choose apa dia nak. At the end, he choosed keta Speed Racer yang dah dipack 2 sekali. It was SOOOO hot and i really can't tahan that kind of weather. Lagipun, they had it at Eye On Malaysia's place, so can imagine laa a Family Day without trees. Anyway, my boy enjoyed himself (minus the clowns!) and hubby terus pengsan once he reached home in the evening.


Miss BumbleBee said...

cuti sekolah telah tibeee, apa lagik..update byk2!!!

Madre said...

dah low budget family day schlumberger... dulu buat kat melaka wey! 2 days 1 nite... siap ader ferhad lagik...before that was mandarin o... tak pegi cuti2 mesia ka this hols?