Friday, March 20, 2009

Am so PISSED!!!

Today, i went to OU with Danial to meet up my old colleague for her thesis's interview. We promised to meet up at Kizsport and Gym. After an hour, masing-masing dah penat main, Ana belanja lunch di Italiannies. (Thank you beb, lain kali kita makan kat TGIF jer ek?)
Then, i had this conversation with my boy:
me: Ammar, jom kita pi toilet.
Ammar: Ammar dah pi toilet tadi kat tempat main ball.
me: Ammar pi ngan sapa?
Ammar: Ammar pi ngan kakak.
At that moment of time, i was so fumed with anger! How dare the kakak at the playland bought my son to the toilet without my permission! Even though the toilet is indeed in the same playland area, i WAS THERE! The rule that was CLEARLY stated on the notice parent/guardian has to accompanied children below 7 years old. I've been to this place several times and this was the first time it occured!
What makes me so ANGRY ialah:
a. Dah laa bawak my son pi toilet without my knowledge...
b. The supervisor by the name AH MEI obviously was not a Malaysian, shouted back at me when i complaint about it!
c. The kakak that brought my son tak pulak reti nak cuci 'bebird' anak ku itu...iyew..!
I asked for the manager's/owner's phone number. Called him and komplen again. This time i was calm and clearly stated that i am so angry at his employees. I am thankful for the services offered but it is a WRONG thing to do it without the parent's permission. Ceh, i even said that i travelled all the way from Wangsa Maju just to let my son played there today!
Punyer laa geram kat minah Ah Mei tuh tadi sampai terlupa nak masuk FCUK tengok sale 70%!

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