Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soalan bonus budak 5 tahun

He was looking at our wedding photo (on his new bike!).

Asking here and there about our wedding.

Then he popped out the question, " Mama, kalau nak anak, kena kawen dulu yer?"

I LOL in my heart. I replied," Haah laa,"...*eyes still fixed on the lappie*

He replied, "Oh..yea ker," *no idea what that means*

End of discussion.

p/s: Kids say THE DARNEST THINGS!!!


Arin said...

pastuh, kene citer le "perut kene besar mcm perut ahti"

Miss BumbleBee said...


pehtuh kena cakap... 'sebelum tuh kena sunat dulu!'