Friday, October 9, 2009

Grade B is a BIG thing for him

Conversation thru the phone yesterday evening....

Danial: Mama, Amar dapat B!
Me: Untuk apa?
Danial: Untuk kaler kat school lah. Amar kaler kapal.
Me: Abis tuh?
Danial: Amar nak heli control lah....(then give the phone to his tokma)
Mama/Tokma: Haah....coloring dia cantik sikit hari ini. Tuh yang teacher kasi B.

(For his mid-year exam, he got a C. Hubby was so furious sebab dia designer, anak kaler hampeh tul..terkeluar-keluar line lagik!)

He has been pestering me and my dad for a remote control helicopter. He saw it when they had dinner in a restaurant in Simpang Ampat few days ago. Mom refused to get one for him from the small kiosk next to the Playland in Tesco Melaka. It's so expensive laa the heli for his age. It cost RM299.90!
Last night i closed a good deal to sell my HTC. I meet up with the client in KLCC. I told hubby about Danial's coloring grade. During my sesi jual beli handphone, hubby went to Toycity. I joined right after that. He already asked the salesboy to demo one remote control helicopter. The best part, it's only RM48!....ringan, kalau jatuh takder laa sakit hati!...can do laa for a 5 year old kan?

So, the dad rasanya kesian kat anak dia..beli laa heli tuh. Mamanya yang bayar. Rezeki anak merasa duit jual handphone.

p/s: E71 still available. Sapa mau beli?

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pid ngok ngek said...

wah wah,..beli jaaa apapun kat budak handsome tu.. beli jangan tak beli.. mula mula dapat B laa.. sok sok dapat A+.

benda ni takleh paksa.. tengok macam aiii.. hahahahah..

geli kan?