Monday, November 23, 2009


It's been awhile this blog has been updated. Towards the end of the term/school closing, there were so many things to do at work. Seriously! With never ending meetings, datelines, etc. Well, what the heck....i am on holiday now for the next one month...Yay! but somehow, i miss the riuh rendah sound at work. The kids storming in and out from the staffroom. Disciplined the kids with numerous lines to write ( i love doing that to them, especially my Hong Shane!). Teasing the colleagues. Makan nasi goreng kampung from canteen.

Also what i missed was the requests from the kids to play netball. Yeah, i enjoyed playing netball with them this year especially with my P6. I will miss those hardcore players like Florence, Caitlyn, Shevy and Naomi. These kids will be in secondary school next year. No more fooling around me...sob.sob..sob...especially Flo, Cait and Jo will be in a different school next year.

Teacher's Appreciation Day was a blast! As usual, it feels like Christmas for most of us since this is a special day for all the teachers! It was also the day the UPSR results were announced. Wah, lot of dramas. This year, 28 students got 5As. It was a big thing for them. I remembered during my time. It was just like a normal exam without pressures from the parents or even our teachers. Lepak jer amik Penilaian Darjah Lima! I cried my tears of joy for those who did well. I even teased Flo because she was also crying. Ceh, a smart student pun takde confidence that she'll get 5As!

Saturday was Danial's turn to perform in his tadika's graduation day. Not him, but his 6 years old friends. He volunteered to be the watak orang kaya in a short sketch for the 5 years old. Teacher Iffa said, he himself taught the teacher gaya orang kaya bercakap dan berjalan. Yeah right, on the real day itself , he got a stage fright! Hahahahaha.....takut atau malu?

Today is the first day of the school holiday. I am already feeling bored at home. After our trip this weekend baru ok kot. Oh, i also won a free night stay in Avillion Admiral Cove PD from RedFM. I entered an online contest and the next thing was they called to congratulate me for winning the prize. It was like our dream came true!

Am still in the mood untuk bermalas-malasan. Malas sungguh!!!!

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Lulu said...

Jealous...nak cuti juga!
Happy malas-malasan~~