Thursday, February 18, 2010

Penipuan secara halus (sengaja atau tidak?)

Yeah. I have been conned!
Almost RM1k actually. If only i have realised it earlier.
This is how the story goes:
I bought a tv and paid on a monthly basis from a nearby electrical shop. It was a purchase not intended too. We bought it to accomodate Danial's need to play his Xbox at that time.
I took a 36 months installment plan since the monthly payment was something that i could afford to pay at that time.

This week when i checked the receipts, I realized that i have paid more than what it should be (i have this instincts...dunno why). So, tonight i give them a call (to the branch that i always visit to make the payment).

The conversation goes like this:

Me: Saya Puan XXX. Saya ada beli tv, ini acct no saya xxx. Saya nak tau yea berapa interest untuk barang yang saya ambil ni? Oh, Berapa harga tv saya yea?
Si Polan: Oh, 1.9% untuk 36 bulan. Harga tv akak RMxxx.
Me: Oh, tinggi yea interest awak. Takpelah. Terima kasih.

Balik rumah, i calculated again. Damn, it was totally wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The figure lari jauh gile. I didn't know how the SP calculate but I actually paid double every month for the tv set. Ahcu even helped me to recalculate again. I even called my Maths guru, Lya and Aiza to help me with the formula (yeah, i flunked my Financial Management paper 3 times in uni, not good in Maths..dowh!). So, after i realised the mistake i called them again.

Me: Boleh saya cakap dengan Si Polan?
Si Polan: Yea kak. Oh, harga tv akak sebenarnya rmxxx.
Me: Eh, tadi awak bagi harga lain? sekarang harga lain? Mana satu ni? Bagi saya number phone HQ. Saya nak komplen.
Si Polan: Kami takder number phone HQ. Kami berurusan melalui Internet. Kami tak boleh beri no phone HQ.
(Ko ingat aku bangang ker....come on lah!)
Me: Eh, saya customer. Saya nak komplen kat HQ awak esok. Tak logik langsung awak takde number phone HQ. Macamana awak kira ni? dah lari betul dengan jumlah sebenar.
Si Polan: Kenapa akak tak check arituh? Kalau beli dengan AEON pun interest dia macam ni. (bla..bla..bla....).
Me: takpelah, saya telefon saya HQ awak esok.
Si Polan: Macam ni laa. Esok tengahari saya telefon akak.
(i sensed suara ketakutan di hujung sana, adakah penipuan sudah terbongkar?)

The conversation goes on and on and on. Little that she realised that she has just confessed indirectly that she had/the branch had cheated on me. Oh, actually i have the HQ number. It was printed on the receipts. Saja jer i want to test her.

Now, my question is: Is the branch purposely overcharged me or they calculated wrongly when they gave me the monthly payment figure?

I will know about it tomorrow once i have called the HQ and talked to the Accounts people. If they do not cooperate, i shall brought it up to the Tribunal Pengguna.

Kita tunggu dan lihat esok.


arin said...

sila update..tak sabar den nunggu cerita selanjut nya!

Asha said...

ish ish... must complain this one. so penat we cari our duits, they simply tipu us. nonsense!

taichee~@! said...

mention nama SP + branch tu. kasik gegau skets.

If dorang still tak compensate mmg harus gi Tribunal.

Last anaz complain kat Celcom, haa nko, bulan dpnnya dpt rebate n diskaun gegila. Tp malaunnya, kena bayau dulu aaa