Thursday, July 22, 2010


© Tanya M. DeVeer

Troubled times are here, as we knew that they would come
Not because of the situation, just because life in general is not always fun
But we can over come them, together we must
Because the love that we have shared was surely built with trust
Times are daring in any family it seems
Rocking the boat to fulfill our dreams
We can build the obstacles, but must remember to knock them down
For if we don't there will surely be trouble by leaps and bounds
I think along the way somehow we forgot to knock down
The obstacles that are tearing at our hearts and apparent trouble that's abound
Let's take the time to clear the obstacles and go back to loving each other
We're hear to listen to your choices, let's stop hurting one another
Right or wrong it's always God's call
We must remember, it is us who will ultimately take the fall
So in my heart I do not think it is worth it just to be right
Life is too short not to say we love you and we won't give up without a fight

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