Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 1: Singapore trip 2010

It's Christmas Day today. We left Kg Pasir, Tampoi approx. at 8.30am. We didn't want to get stuck in the traffic jam entering Spore. Somehow, when we reached Woodlands, the traffic has started to built up. This is our first time driving into Spore.

At Woodlands, the waiting time is quite long. After that it get worst. For a first timer like us, we need to purchase Autopass card. Something like our TouchnGo card. Luckily the process is not too long. Yet we have to wait for empty bay to park the car for the Spore Immigration Dept to inspect the roadtax then issued us a slip to purchase the Autopass card.

Once we got the slip, i went to the counter to fill a form and purchase the card for SG10. There's SG4 value left in the card. We can topup later at any 7-11. It'll expire in 5 years time.

After that, the last checkpoint is where the Custom checked our car. At the exit, we saw a message flashed 'No firecrackers is allowed inclyding Pop Pop'. Hah, kat supermarket Mydin and Hero berlambak jual!

Thanks to our friend's GPS, we arrived safely at our hotel around 11am. It was a smooth journey from Woodlands to city centre. Still early, not many cars on the road yet.

Will update about our River Cruise trip in my next entry. Need to sleep after the loooongggg day today!!!

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