Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gula-gula White Rabbit

Pernah makan gula-gula ni? Few weeks ago, i bought a packet from a jajan shop at Taman Melawati. Last week, brought it to work to share with my colleagues. Little that i now that this candy has been banned in some countries due to the ingredients (in the plastic wrapper that we always eat it together) is very Harmful to human. It contains a chemical that is 6 times more than it is permitted to be used in the candy.

Itu pun my colleague yg pregnant nampak dan dia kata jangan makan! Terus goggle pasal candy ni. Betul laa, but how come masih diimport? Tak ke membahayakan kesihatan orang ramai?

I have eaten 1/4 of the whole thing. Hehehehehe....nasib baik bawak pi tpt keja. Kalau tak confirm dah habis sebungkus!

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