Friday, November 16, 2007

school hoildays are here!

yeehaaa..seronotnya dah cuti sekolah. Even though i have to go back to school to prepare for the training on 10th December, i still have loads of time to be with my boy.

Today, i did spring cleaning in school. Banyaknyer junk yang dikumpul tahun ni. After cleaning up the class, i had a makan kuih raya session with the kids. Habis dua balang kuih raya gue. Alamak, gue lupa nakk bawak turun my flower pots. Hopefully the Nepalese will bring them down.

Very the tired to the max nowadays. Apa taknyer, HOD meeting til 6pm minggu nih. Nak termuntah-muntah tengok powerpoint tiap ari. The others felt the same way too.

Penatlah. Gue mau tido. Esok anakku sampai. Selamat bercuti.

p/s: Might be going to Awana Kijal again. Hooray!

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