Tuesday, November 13, 2007

teacher's appreciation day

I've just reached home at 8.30pm tadi. Long day today. Bermula dengan kesesakan lalu lintas awal pagi yang menyebabkan me n evelyn lambat ke sekolah (ada eksiden kecik kat jalan Genting-Klang), class party, HOD's meeting and berakhir dengan KESESAKAN jalan raya sekali lagi sebab KL ujan and ada jalan naik air. Hmmm, SMART tunnel rasanya dah berfungsi, masih flash flood lagi?

What is Teacher's Appreciation Day? It's some sort Teacher's day but my school sambut akhir tahun. What is so unique about it is every teacher will get something from their kids. Well, at least a card will be fine. The kids are so excited about this because they will be like rushing here and there like mad giving out cards or gifts to their subject teachers. This is my third year in school and me too enjoyed getting gifts from the kids. Just imagine if the teacher teaches the whole primary school like Music or Art. Wonder how many gifts they collected every year?

The best ( not that the rest tak best) this year is a bag that i got from this girl. I was just kidding when i said i like the bag that she brought to school everyday. Simple n nice kanvas bag. Oh, this girl anak tokei kedai bag. I was so shocked when i opened up her gift this evening. It was the bag that i really wanted for so long. Oh, thank you!

The rest of the gifts was two sets of toiletries from Body Shop, candles, scarf, towels, chocolates ( i love Anna's chocolate), lipstick, pens, etc. It was a very tiring day as me and Prema have to handle the class party (me n my kids love the makan like mad part!), rehearsal for Awards Day (my item was the Dikir Barat by P3) and the HOD meeting after school. Penat giler!

Evelyn just smsed me. Wanted to leave early tomorrow. Gotto stop. Clock is ticking at 9.50pm. Off to bed. Opssss, Anna just called. Wonder what she wants now.

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Arin said...

long, kalau hanum pakai beg budak2 sekolah sure cute kan?tak gerek' le kalau mak dak ammar pakai..heheheh..