Saturday, December 29, 2007

Down with flu and fever

Thanks to my buddy Ms K, i got the flu bug from her. Last week for the Hari Raya Haji holidays, i was down with fever. This week, flu pulak. Oh, we're in Melaka this weekend. Hantar cik abang kecik balik rumah tokma nyer.

Yesterday was hubby's bday. After membuat tawaf beberapa kali di Mid Valley with little boy semalam, i've decided to get him a Timex watch. Guys are very hard lah nak carikan hadiah. I've never bought any shirts or tshirts for him sebab dia very the fussypot when it comes to the shirt's material lah, design lah..etc. Dia tengok jam tuh, dia teringat lah nanti kat bini dia. Danial pilih the nicest design ( i pick several choices and ask him to choose for his dad)...The cutest thing he said to his dad in the car was when i gave him the gift, "Mahal tau mama beli, jangan buang!" cute!

i read Puan A nyer blog today and came across her entry about this quiz. Since gue pun layan citer nih, i gave it a try and the results as below:

Which Desperate Houswives Character are you?

Susan Mayer

You have a heart of gold, but you can get a bit carried away!

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1 comment:

Madre said...

Siot tul... cun le skit susan compared to lynette..ahhaha...
btw, good luck 4 d new school term...