Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru

Happy new year people. Di mana anda berada pada malam tahun baru? Saya berada di rumah Pak Itam saya di Setiawangsa. From his place leh nampak fireworks di merata KL. Paling best di Bukit Bintang. Tinggi dan menarik. Nuthing interesting that nite as i have to work on New Year's day for of the orientations. Left home late on New Year's Eve from school but luckily we were not caught up in the bad jam yet.

Yesterday after the event, i met up with hubby in Dataran Merdeka. He was there to shoot some photos with his new gadget, the Canon slr. Can't remember what model he bought. After lunch in Kampung Baru, we headed home as i was too tired and my legs are killing me due to going up and down 3 floors in school. Ker makcik ni dah obess??...hahahaha...but really kaki nih dah mintak ampun petang semalam.

Azam tahun baru?..Nak save duit sebab nak pi holiday. I told hubby if we wanted to go for an oversea holidays, it'll be this year before Danial ada siblings baru. If we expanded the family, it'll take another 2 or 3 years to travel abroad because of the little ones. Kesian kecik-kecik dah nak travel 8 hours. So, itulah azam saya yang paling top.

Oh, we registered Danial into one of the tadika in Melaka. Tadika Al-Aqil. An islamic preschool that uses English and Arabic as their main language. But he'll only goes to school (Danial's point of reference) twice a week. One, because of the transport problem (atuk can only send him Monday and Friday) and secondly, he's only 3 1/2 years old. He'll be fidgeting in school if he has to stay 5 days a week for amost 4 hours in school. Takpelah, biar dia belajar mingle around and make new friends and paling penting learn how to share and tolerate with other people. We'll be on leave on monday the 7th to send our precious king to school. hahahaha...camne laa agaknyer budak kecik nih nak dok diam kat tadika dia...?

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