Tuesday, December 11, 2007


From online dictionary : out·cast (out'kāst') Pronunciation Key n. One that has been excluded from a society or system.

Ive been so-called 'outcast' from my previous department. Not only that i no longer be the HOD, i am no longer teach the subject too. Oh, i was given a new department. Very interesting and challenging. Definitely. Korang mesti gelak kalau dengar nama my new department ni. It's been setup to teach the kids to think out of the box.

According to the Education Conference that was held last week, results mattered the most to Malaysian parents. They no longer ask their children what have they been learning in school for the day. Instead, kalau tak dapat good result, it'll crushed their heart. Remember the poor girl from Perak that hanged herself because she didn't get the results to satisfy her parents?...ouch....i would understand if it's SPM...but UPSR?...Even kids in my school pun stressed out before the exam and cried like mad when results are out. We as parents definitely want the best for our kids but we shouldn't ignore other things that's important too such as social skills. We need to teach them how to think out of the box. Balik-balik harapkan cikgu provide jawapan. Hampeh tul!

I love my current subject which is Kajian Tempatan and i am PROUD to say that i am good at delivering the subject. Why? A parent once told me that her boy is able to tell her the story of Kesultanan Melayu Melaka from A to Z. Hey, we're talking about a boy in Tahun 5 and never been exposed to any History lessons before. I love the chapter about Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. It's great to see the response that you get from the audience whenever i taught them about the history of Melaka. Next year i have less number of periods to teach. Rasa cam tak best but the decision taken was for me to concentrate more on my new department and also to plan the Co-Curriculum activities with other staffs.

Terlupa pulak topik hangit tadi.Outcast...yeah..aku dibuang cam sampah je. Takpe, maybe rezeki ku lebih di department yang baru ni which according to them, "You're good at doing it,"...tengoklah nanti...The big box dah pun disetupkan. I have to make it a success and definitely worth for the kids when they watch it.

Gue tengah tunggu mamat Bangla potong rumput nih...mana tak mucul-muncul ni?

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