Monday, March 31, 2008

bz weekend

2 huge events (according to me laa) happened during the was a short one for me as i have to work..sekolah ganti masa nak election arituh

Saturday, Marche (The Curve)
Event: Impromtu Gathering for Trolakians

We had our impromtu gathering at Marche. It was attended by first batch Trolakians...even though yang datang dalam 12 orang, tapi meriah gak. The best part was we were connected thru facebook. Some of us dah more than 10 years tak berjumpa. The girls still look the same but not the boys. Ada yang buncit, ada yang tembam..etc. It was a good session for those who came. For those who can't make it, dun't worry. Will have it later mid year nanti. Me and Sarina dok menyakat Mameng (a.k.a. Tengku Fahmi). He used to be this shy boy in our class long-long time ago. But the other day, he was so peramah and more sociable then he was in Trolak. Oh, i adore his daughter. Sungguh comel macam his wife. Tengku Khadeeja....kena berebut ngan Sarina kalau nak dijadikan menantu....hahahahaha!

Dalam pict nih - From left: Boba (red jersey), Aween, Me, Ina, Acai, Eton, Prote, Liza and Mameng( with his cute girl)

Duduk di depan: Nyuk, Oza, Eddie n Jehan

Sunday, Stadium Shah Alam

Time:9.30 am

Event: Astro Ceria - Run for Fun

Hah...pepagi dah kejutkan anak-beranak coz i promised my boy to bring him watch his fave artists from Geng Bas Sekolah. I was so excited when finally the kids came out from their tents. I was like struggling mendokong budak kecil seberat 22kg semata-mata sebab tak nampak dengan jelas aksi-aksi bebudak GBS nih. And, CHUA is definitely a cute boy. Just like mine. He has this cute face, nice perut boroi and a BM slang that not even Zainal Alam can imitate. If u want to know more, just wait for them in CH 611 or have a look at their videos in youtube.

our fave : Chua with his co-star Jinak

Geng Bas Sekolah: Melly, Tanusha, Amin, Jinak and Chua

GBS with Hikayat Putera Shazlan main star- Shazlan

My main stars in life: Babah with Danial

After Run For Fun, we had another Running event. This time in One Utama. Rushing like mad to get Danial a new stroller/buggy as his old one's tayar alignment sudah lari bengkang-bengkok di stadium tadi. I am so happy that we managed to get a similar buggy like the one that we rented once in Pavillion. Definitely not McLaren but it's worth hubby's RM. Will upload the new buggy pict later. Oh, Danial loves his new 'car'. He said, "Bolehlaa. Beli jer laa."

Tq achoo for the photos!


Miss BumbleBee said...

the events should be started with the toys warehouse. thats when you moooney start draining out!..hahaha

wawajoe said...

haah. lupalah about the other running event. Run for toys!

taichee~@! said...


Long, komfem mo datang hujungtawon ke kuching kah?

Kitak boleh sediakan fasiliti utk kamek anak beghanak!