Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sebuk sokmo

uih...dah 16 hari tak update blog. Patutlaa Puan Dila membebel sebab tak update. I have been very busy lately with work and getting ready for our Sports Day on the 26th April. Let me see what have i been doing for the past 2 weeks?

A. Birthday - 33 years old!
Yeah! Older and hopefully wiser too. Celebrated my 33th birthday on 3rd April. The best gifts was loads of Coke from my kids. They knew that i realllyyyyyy LURVEEEEE Coke and i end up terhegeh-hegeh angkut berbotol-botol coke ke opisku. Had a late quiet dinner with hubby in Madam Kwan's Mid Valley that nite. Oh, Mdm D gave me some cash for my birthday gift. Still deciding what to get though......hmm...should i get that Crocs?

B. Evolusi KL dRIFT
Danial loves carssss....i mean really suke mengepau keta(but not lately sebab dia dah engrossed with his xbox games). So, one fine Sunday morning we brought him to TGV KLCC and watched that movie laa. It was ok for both of us but for the little boy, he was estatic when he saw his fave bus driver in that movie. Sapa lagi kalau bukan Abang Mat from Geng Bas Sekolah. I can't remember his real name sebab asyik sebut Abg Mat. 30 minutes lagi nak habis, the boy berdengkur sebab according to him," Amar penatlah tengok drift!" Not bad for a first timer to direct such movie. I can't wait for Afdlin's movie. Coming out soon kot. Hubby tengah sebuk buat websitenya. According to the tagline, " Filem Paling TAK BETUL Tahun 2008"

C. Sports Day
Yeah...i love sports day. Teachers also love it (especially for those yang memang bersemangat to see their sports house win!) Last year my house a.k.a Green house menang. This year tak tau ada harapan lagi ke tak. Apa-apa pun the teachers in Green are SO bersemangat. The kids too with the cheer! 19 and 26 nih sunburn laa gamaknyer kulit ku yang cerah nih. Rehearsal on 19th and the real day on 26th. Nasib baik relay event tak jadik for teachers!

it's 10:05 pm. Another big day tomorrow sebab ada rehearsal for the telematch. Oh, we ARE SO looking forward for our June holidays. Flights have been booked and alhamdulillah accomodation pun dah dapat. Managed to secured a room for 3 nights in tanjung bungah beach hotel. Good bargain thru the Net. Encik Anas dan Puan Dila.....tunggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuu kami datanggggggggggggggggg!!!!!

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