Saturday, March 8, 2008


While blogging online at home, the whole clan waited nervously for the election results. There were 3 laptops currently dok refresh news from and some results are so UNEXPECTED!

I cast my vote today after putting my boy for his afternoon nap. Hubby went back to JB (he's very proud of his JB address!)...HOWEVER, today he found out that his name has also been registered in Bachok. What the !@#$ come leh ada dua address pulak nih....i called him when i got his SMS and ask him "Mu dari Kelate ker?"...nih sah keja SPR sebab bila check online takder pulak. Bila dia nak vote tadi di Kebun Teh, nama dia ada gak dia Bachok....wahai SPR, mu buat keja ker tak nih?

I'll be overjoyed if the official results will show Nurul Izzah and her mom won in this election. Not forgetting if KJ kalah di Rembau. Currently, unofficial news from malaysiakini stated that Izzah won Lembah Pantai seat.

p/s: SMS from hubby, KJ menang. hmmmmm.......

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