Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FI di BMW Pit Lane.

Last Sunday we went to the BMW Pit Lane di Jalan Binjai near KLCC to watch F1. Little boy was so excited because just like his dad, he LOVES BMW (cuma lom ada rezeki lagi nak drive sebijik). The kelakar part was we entered thru the wrong gate. Ikut pintu supplier makanan instead of using the main entrance. Patutlaa waiter-waiter sume gave us one kinda look. At 1 pm, all the guests were allowed to enter and by 2pm, crowd dah ramai. Nasib baik beraircon..taklaa rasa panas sangat.

One thing that i love about the event was they served DELICIOUS food. It was prepared by Shangrila Hotel. Wow, makan free aje! Berkali-kali waiter menghidangkan snacks. Not just simple snacks, but those yang memang mengenyangkan! ada ikan, shrimp, chicken ala sate, chocolates, etc. Can't remember the name of those food yang diservekan pada tetamu but i swallowed LOTS of the salmon snack thingy! memang delicious...dah laa ber'aircon', ada free food pulak tuh...free flow of drinks (all kinds!)....

Danial was quite restless towards the end..nasib baik the organisers ada siapkan tempat lepak like a queen size bed. It is actually a bed but not the tilam type. Suitable for families with kids like me. I managed to watch the whole 3 hours of F1 race (including RaceDay). Since we' re supposed to send little boy to Seremban (meet atuk 1/2 way), we leave the Pit immediately after the race ended.

For the first time Danial was screaming and kicking when it's time to leave him with tokma. His argument was 'rumah tokma tak best'. Kenapa tak best? oh, atuk's house takder Xbox. Cuma ada Gameboy Advanced saja. Macam-macam budak kenit tuh. Today, tokma said he was merungut-rungut sambil main his Gameboy depan atuk . Hoping that atuk will buy him Xbox! hah...dream on laaa. Nak beli PS2 for him pun kena pikir 2 kali lepas nih. Ada sesapa nak jual PS2 2nd hand?

Oh, how did we get the invitation to the event? Next year please register at www.bmwf1.com.my to be the selected ones to this event. Walaupun tak dapat tengok secara live di Sepang, at least they served good food! Free pulak tuh....

p/s: this weekend, ke Stadium Shah Alam pulak to entertain Danial with Run For Fun host by Astro Ceria. Dia nak jumpa Geng Bas Sekolah, Shazlan, Abang Zoey and Mat Kacau. I'm looking forward to meet Chua from Geng Bas Sekolah. Cute cam little boy!

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