Friday, March 21, 2008

Tian Chua on RedFM

While driving along Jalan Ampang this morning, i was shocked to hear that Tian Chua will be on air next Tuesday on, since when Barisan Pembangkang dapat opportunity begini to be on air...hahaha...the 2 deejays were discussing what questions to ask him and definitely one will be about BERSIH....oh...sungguh mulia hati mereka sekarang, kan? Kalau lah dari dulu lagi BR diberi peluang begini....

talk about opportunities, few days back i read an article in The Sun about the late Datuk Z from Klang. Very interesting facts about this man. Malas nak cerita pepanjang, dia pun dah takder di dunia ni. Kalau nak baca, klik di sini.

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