Saturday, April 19, 2008

American Idol

How many of us watch American Idol? Frankly speaking, i don't but last Thursday i watched it sebab there was nothing good on Astro. Mariah Carey sang 'Bye, bye, bye' from her latest album. I fell in love instantly with that song. I am not the kind that memang suka dengar certain lagu but if my ears love it, it'll definitely be glued to my mind like forever. Right now while hubby and boy are playing the pencuri kereta game, i'm humming to that song.

I agreed with Vernon that bilalah gamaknye our AF contestants will sing like those in American Idol. Even yang terkeluar this week pun suara dia sedap. I can't remember her name sebab i was falling in love with the Mariah's song yang dia tengah nyanyi. Oh, the diva has lost some weight. Good for her.

We had our Sports Day rehearsal in Matsushita Sports Complex today. Tired and sunburnt! My forehead dah hitam. Tu laa....tak pakai sunblock and cap lagik. Had a good time with the kids and lunch with frens after that.

A colleague took a fren's photo today using her camera phone. Before we left for lunch, this colleague said, 'I'll miss you' to her. Hmm, we both thot its kinda weird though. Freaky...Oh, i don't like this colleague. Very commanding and LOUD. Not my type.

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