Friday, May 9, 2008


I slept only 3 hours last night. I was preparing a presentation tentang Mother's Day. I felt good after burning the disc. It felt so perfect. I love the song. I love the words. Everything about it. Maybe because i'm a mom, i really poured all the love i have for my mom and all the moms out there in this presentation.

I used Spice Girls 'Mama' song for the background music. It is the perfect song. Yantos suggested lagu P Ramlee 'Ibu'. But too late to cari the song in the middle of the night. Next year perhaps.

We went to Pavilion for dinner. Together with Yantos plus Arin and family. Little Anum was there too. Pity my boy couldn't join us. Never mind. I have the whole weekends to be with him.

Some teachers were invited to talk about their mothers. Mine was simply being thankful to my mom for taking care of me for the past 33 years and now taking care of my son. Thank you mama!

For all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!

p/s: I poured out my emo for this presentation. It was worth it. Why? A colleague cried when she watched it. Ouch....i'll upload the video later and perhaps can give honest comments about it.


Miss BumbleBee said...

i have to story-story ngan tokma pasal peel anum kat pavilion semalam senyap2. kalau guna cakap guna kata ganti nama kedua and in english pun dia boleh agak apa org tua sembang.

oh tgh lawan ngan dia Ben10 red vs green. he wanted to be the red sbb tgn banyak!!

Arin said...

who is Ben10red?sapo lak green?aduihh..character ultraman ke?
uit, danial is so terar la..jgn tipu dia ar..apa2 bahasa dia tau..