Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel

The beach - me and Danial tried to build our sand castle with our bare hands.

Breakfast on Monday - ni hubby punyer portion. Mine was different and bigger portion!

Mama kata mesti makan. Kalau tak makan, no Ultraman!

The pool. It is a MUST to visit the pool twice a day!

Hero posing di tepi pantai. Ada gaya tak?

The beach - at dawn

The view we had at 6.45 am today. Hubby managed to shoot it from our room.


taichee~@! said...

tengok gamba ni, macam Ammar dah besar sangat2 mcm betul2 dah jadi teruna plak. scary! bukan pasal apa...sebab tetiba, i'm fast forwarding my own age!


wawajoe said...

hahahaha. Time flies soooo fast. As if it was recently that you visited us both at the hospital on the day he was born. Remember?