Friday, June 6, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Just came back from TGV KLCC. Went there to watch Kungfu Panda with hubby, Danial and Ahcu. It was almost full house. We got our seats at row D. Quite almost bawah already. How was the movie? HILLARIOUS! Funny and the panda is so GEBU!..especially tang perut dia yang sangat comel. An uncle that sat behind us also had a great time. Everybody laughed. Even for hubby that doesn't really like kiddies story enjoyed himself. Memula he said he wants to sleep, but at the end celik mata til citer tamat. My boy pun ketawa terkekek-kekek tengok Panda yang sungguh chubby tuh.

If you have the time, pi lah tengok. Orang pregnant (ehem!) jangan laa pi tengok. Kang kenen pulak anak boroi cam si Po a.k.a Kungfu Panda!

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