Thursday, July 24, 2008


What else is new when i don't have the time to update my own blog? Bz sokmo with workloads. I dun't even have the time to write about Danial's bday party. Even the pics are not uploaded yet in my very own blog.

La ni balik rumah memang terasa penat yang amat. Maybe due to age factor that i no longer can tahan my eyes til 11 or 12 every night. Bayar bil Astro pun kekadang rasa rugi je. It will only have its audience during the weekends when Danial or the rest of the clan is around. Normal days, once we arrived home after dinner (di luar...saya JARANG masak!) me will continue to mark sheets while hubby will be doing his freelance jobs. There goes the time to watch tv....duhh....ditambah lagi if i had my netball practise. Lagi laa pancit once i reached home.

Ever since i took over a class for the next 40 days, my workload bertambah. Not that i'm complaining (i had these kids last year), but there are SOOOOOOOO many things to catch up. Yes, they r weak but i still have to make sure that these kids passed the next test. BM is a very difficult language for them. But, lately i have realised that they really want to do better in the subject. Kena laa rasuah sikit because they need to be motivated to do better. And today, when i marked their Ejaan, wow! some even managed to get less mistakes. I feel great at the end of the day with such improvements.

I read a fren's blog today. She said that she wants to work again next year. But how to leave her two young kids? Me on the other hand is contemplating whether i should continue to work or be a fulltime housewife. Danial is a big boy now. He sometimes whines on the phone (Oh, he has his own handphone now!) saying that he wants to be with us in KL. As a mother, I felt bad when he said those things. I do want to take him and let him stay with us. But leaving him in a nursery is a big NO and hiring a maid is another big step for us to take. Dunno laa what else to do. Now since Ahcu starts studying in KL, he is even miserable. No one to fight with him or teach him few new things.

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