Monday, August 18, 2008

Feriz and Fifi's wedding reception

We reached home quite late last night.
Almost midnight. Little boy slept on our way home.
He had fun at the wedding. Kept on asking "bila kawan babah nak potong kek?".

It was a simple yet full of ciri-ciri ketradisionalnyer...knowing Feriz is pure anak Johor, definitely he must put those elements...ada pahlawan, ada dayang....
Food was good...i love the udang goreng mentega...and the dessert...not forgetting the hadiah untuk tetamu....

there were two singer preformed last night. One was Alya (Ajai's Wake The Baby) and Ez (Feriz's nephew)...Ez's voice reminds me of Anuar Zain...really! When we went for the rehearsal, i thot Anuar Zain...ceh, rupa-rupanya Ez....

Aziz Desa was the Emcee for the night..he even informed us about the Olympic badminton result...ceh, potoi jer....!

Fifi...? chantek as ever...what else can i say?
Feriz is a lucky guy to marry her...chantek seyyyyy pompuan tuh...lucky you!

p/s: Hubby knocked out once we reached home. He only slept 2 hours yesterday just to make sure the video presentation is done perfectly up to his standard.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Wawa and Joe,

I hope both of you had a great time including your little one. Your hubby did a great job indeed !!! Thanks again ..

FO & FF - 08.08.08