Friday, September 5, 2008


Ngok betul laa!
Tak pasal-pasal my blood go upstairs.
Tak reti-reti ke aku nih tengah berpuasa.
At least, my colleague that sat next to me is by far more understanding than this makhluk.
Come on laa people. There's a reason why the canteen is built there.
Not even had the budi bahasa to say, "Sorry yaa i have to eat my bfast here,".
Oh gosh....i am so annoyed!
3 more weeks to go.
Even Ms E pun minum air sorok-sorok belakang tin biskut. Hahaha. So funny laa.

Yang sekor nih, memang tak reti bahasa sejak masuk sini.
Sebab tu laa kena cursed sekali ngan aku dulu.
Do not messed with me.
I don't care who you are. Kalau salah, tetap salah.

p/s: Haven't been updating my blog lately. Bz with this and that. Will do it soon. Especially about the Astro Ceria Bday Bash.

p/ss: Tq to the anonymous reader that wrote the comment. I knew who you are!

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