Sunday, September 7, 2008


hahahaha. Strange but true. It's not even Hari Raya but mom's place dah packed with relatives. The 'boss' dah discharged dari spital semalam and mom's crib will be her permanent residence for the next few weeks.

We arrived home around 5pm semalam. Singgah Nilai 3 and bought few things here and there. My boy kept on nagging me whether i had bought new toys for him. Hubby was given the task to do that since he didn't work yesterday (Oh yes! kami kerja semalam...ganti cuti hari raya...sungguh tak kewl keja ari sabtu!). When we arrived home, the young man was dissapointed because it wasn't the Hot Wheels car set. Gilo apo nak beli car set RM24.90 tiap minggu? His dad bought two cars but to him, it's not Hot it's a no no no! Kindly pls read my sis's entry about young man's toy.

Mak Itam was already at home when we reached mom's crib. Late last night, the Kuantan clan plus Bibik n Ati pun sampai. I was sound asleep with the young man. Tak sedar pun mereka dah sampai. Hari ni tak tau siapa pulak yang menjengukkan muka. Meriah hari raya!

Talk about raya, we will be heading north this year. It'll be our first time sambut raya in Pantai Remis. Hope everything will went well especially for the young man. Mulut dia kan takder insurans. And he really dislike places that he is not comfortable with. Even my grandma's place yang tak jauh dari sini pun dia tak suka masuk.

Mom told me what was his answer when his 'onyang' asked him why dia tak nak masuk rumah onyang. He replied gracefully," Amar tak suka masuk sebab rumah onyang kotor, tak mop, banyak sampah. Panggillah bibik kemas rumah" Ceh, bertuah punya anak! Mom said nanti orang ingat diajar cakap begitu. He is very particular about cleanliness. Got it after me agaknye.

Gotto sleep now. He will wake me up in a hour time. Usual greeting in the morning," Bangunlah mama. Hari dah siang dah!"

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