Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Los dan Faun

We went to TGV KLCC to watch this movie today. Hubby collaborate with Afdlin buat the website. As usual for his movies, Afdlin will always guna hampir ke semua muka yang sama saje a.k.a his frens. We did pay him a visit at one of the location in Sungai Penchala. The mansion was damn huge kalau dilihat dari rumah nenek di Sg Penchala. Los dan Faun was on hold to be released for quite some time. The cinema was full of laughter, even hubby pun dok terkekek ketawa. I couldn't really enjoyed the movie sebab ada couple depan mata (sakit pulak mata tengok mereka, i CAN'T CONCENTRATE LAA...!). My boy tertido sekejap sebab the whole day he didn't take his afternoon nap. Overall, i love watak Serena Mysterina...and Erra, argh..pompuan tuh memang lawa...!

p/s: Pi laa tengok movie nih. Support citer Afdlin! Don't be surprised with few things mentioned in the movie. Anda pasti akan ketawa...(i did!)

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