Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ngantuk seyyy...tapi berbaloi!

i didn't sleep last night. Why? BECAUSE of the Mad Tea Party laa...have to be awake in case i missed the good bargains. I did miss 2 good bargains sebab terlupa add to my shopping cart and finalised the order. However, i managed to secured and paid a bag that was on my sis's wish list. She blogged about it last nite and this morning i managed to get it for her for 70% from the original price. Yeah, Mad Tea Party is really going bonkers!

I am still trying to secure my own bag. Will keep on waiting and waiting...refreshing and refreshing the site.

p/s: Might entertained the young man with Bolt today..if his mum tak sleepy laa...he woke up at 6.30 am, and VERY the excited about the trip to the cinema today....contemplating between Bolt, Transporter 3 or Laus dan Faun...mana satu pilihan kalbu?

p/s: Between Jason Statham or Afdlin Shauki?

1 comment:

Miss BumbleBee said...

waa waa waaa.. MAKASIH yer!!!

hmmm..i wonder should i change the bag in my entry list tuh (sbb bila that bag sampai tentu mahu tayang kat blog kan?)..

nanti alice kata 'budak nih dah dpt bag aku, takyah kasi dia menang lah' hahha..

btw, 20% diskaun dah ada nih...