Friday, December 12, 2008

My Friday

Aiyoo..susah tul nak bukak mata arini pi meeting before our official training starts next week. I was like yawning every 5 minutes and it was SO OBVIOUS that my name was called several time by the boss. Nasib baik dia buat mock teaching and pretended that i am her student. The meeting ended at 2.30pm but i only left at 5pm due to some unfinished business with the boss. Nasib baik jalan lom jem lagi. Kepala dah dok ingat anak bujang kat umah yang ditinggalkan sejak pagi tadi. Dah laa meragam tengok mamanyer tader pagi ni..ah, sudah...!

To cure his sad feeling that mommy has to go to work today, Atuk brought him to nearest hospital a.k.a 7-11. Dia sudah pau itu Transformer rm22.90! I don't mind the RM, but it's so SMALL in size. Beli set Hot Wheel boleh dapat 5 bijik keta. Later in the evening when i was having the discussion in the office, Atuk gave me a buzz and asked me where is Danial's wallet sebab the young man wanted to buy ANOTHER one!!!!....(oh, this small boy is so KEDEKUT that he ikat all his money guna getah and simpan dalam wallet....orang lain tak leh guna not even a 10 cent!.....Haji Bakhil tul...). I told dad just to ignore him and wait til i reach home.

When i reached home, he asked my permission to buy another one. Knowing that the mom is so garang, he asked for his wallet (konon nak guna duit sindiri laa tuh, ek?). I told him we should go to Parkson KLCC and search for it there. Lagi satu, arini Member's Sale. After sending sms to my other half, me and my boy pi laa KLCC jumpa my other half.

Ramainya orang..parking pun susah. Lupa arini PC Fair....My boy said, "Ma, kita cari kat Toys R Us jer laa.." I said, "Sabarlaa...Parkson ada sale arini...We go there, ok?" Before that kami detoured dulu ke Gap. One word - SALE!!! huhuhu...sangat gumbira. A new pant is a necessity for next year, ok?

At the end after purchasing few items there, we went to Parkson to get the Transformer. Malangnya, that purchase tiada discount. Takpelaa..janji hati dia gumbira. And also, since i still have few vouchers left, i bought for him a new pant from Pumpkin Patch and 2 new rompers for the baby..not mine, but Arin's. Ahcu said after looking at the rompers, "Macam nak gigit jer rompers nih..." Sangat comel, but worth the price..i loike! Oh, did i mention that Pumpkin Patch pun ada sale? Benetton is even worst...seluar basahan a.k.a shorts hanya RM17.95 after 70%!.....

My weekend has just started after those purchases today. Oh, my boy will be going back to Melaka this weekend sebab next week dah start training. There goes my 5 solid weeks of holiday with the young man. The house will be very empty without him for the next seven days. after that,'t wait for that one...

Till then, enjoy your weekend!

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feed and bandages said...


blog gua yang itu untuk mengaburi mata budak2 tu. sebab before this they found yang sangat privasi. biasalah i kan suka nak mengarut dan menc*rut!


so, bila i buat yang baru, they just focus yang itu sajalah.

sebab tu blog itu agak lembab nak update!

(kindda miss primary lahh..fully 2ndary wooo!!)