Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally..it's over!

Yeah..after 7 days of training, it's finally finito today. I haven't been able to update my blog, not even write something about the future diva a.k.a Ms Zara Aliyah (maap ler, mama long sangat bz..nak dukung kamu pun tak larat!)...i don't have to wake up early (i mean EARLY) morning, pikir which clothes to wear, cracking my brains for my department...fuh...it's over...i'm so GLAD! not that i don't like it, it's GOOD and INTERESTING....but with my darling being here, i felt guilty not being able to entertain him like the previous 5 weeks....some more can scold me, "Mama ni asyik work, work, work...!"....(Did i mention that he ask me to run away from the meeting?)

Last weekend, we went to Low Yatt to get his so called 'rasuah' supaya dia nak ke sekolah. He had a really bad experience earlier this year about kindy, so when mom and dad found out about this kindy just around the neighbourhood, i was so relief! Siap provide transport lagik and swimming lesson....what did we get for him?...A PS2!!!...my hubby siap brainwash so that he wants to go to kindy (he's so excited about the transport to school)

Bila citer pasal PS2 nih, memang laa sakit ati mengenangkan diri ditipu oleh apek yang jual benda nih kat tempat tuh. Dah laa dijanjikan 10 game, bila we open the box, dapat 5 game, 5 dvd movie...! sangat @#$%^! Nasib baik laa pi Ampang Point ada port jual game RM5...last nite jugak dia layan main game Transformer..(not bad gak..but i still want my Sims)..My boy siap pesan, "Game lama (a.k.a Xbox) simpan umah tokma, game baru letak kat KL...senang nanti Amar nak main game..."untung kan anak zaman sekarang?

I remembered what was mentioned during the training. Kids nowadays can't be label as spoilt brat. It's the trend nowadays that parents tend to have 1 or 2 kids at home. Being the only child at home, the kid will be treated as if they are the queen or king at home. It was an eye opener for me looking at these kids in a different view. Having one child and yet the one and only grandson, he was the EMPEROR at my parent's place (with an over-protective Atuk, lagi laa menjadi-jadi!)...so, i learnt that never to call a child a spoilt brat sebab that is the truth nowadays...i guess, when my kid starts his primary school, i am definitely one of those picky parent like those we had in school...hahahahaha...fussy as ever....but wanted the best for the emperor!

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