Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kisah anak saya yang dah besar panjang

This year we sent Ammar to a different kindy which is not very far from my parent's place (oh yes, he's still living with his guardian angels a.k.a tokma and atuk). The best part for this kindy was they provide transport as well. When mom asked whether they have rotan, the principal said," Mana boleh rotan budak-budak?". Alangkah bagusnya if last year this kindy dah open. Takder laa anak bujang saya phobia nak ke tadika.

I missed his first day since it opens the same day school reopens for the new term. I was quite worried if he buat perangai takmo pi school lagi. He looks excited when me and hubby when to the kindy to pay his fees on Sunday. Mom and Ahcu gave me the full report on his first day. Alhamdulillah he didn't cry, nervous sikit saja.

Second day, both of us took leave to observe how he's been doing in kindy. Ceh, sangat kerek bila naik transportnya ke kindy (eksen seyy naik Avanza). Oh, it's the first time we let him travel on his own with strangers (Hati ibu ni cuak gak..mana penah dibiarkan naik keta orang lain). When he arrived in school, he again looked so kerek and acted so macho (he saw us looking at him from far). After breakfast, i went again to his kindy to peep in his classroom. I heard his voice calling the teacher. I heard he said, "Oh man!" when he accidently colored out of the line. I heard him being so KEPOH asking his friends, " Dah siap kaler ke belum?"....that's my boy...kepoh as usual!

Before he went home (again with his transporter), i asked him where is his water bottle. Confidently he said, "Ammmar dah simpan dalam beg". Then, i saw his teacher was holding his bottle. Ceh, pelupa sungguh! When he reached home, all he wanted his bottle of milk and 'candu' (kain gentel). He's a bit reluctant to talk about his school and friends. Ala-ala couldn't be bothered to tell us what's happening in school. But i did ask him about food, classwork, toilet trips etc. Kelakar tul dengar citer toilet trips. Two days in a row seluar kecik ada dalam beg!

My boy has grown up very fast. He is no longer afraid to be around stranger. He's happy with the school, teachers and friends. Somehow, he's still my baby......

p/s: Today he complained to tokma, " Ammar penat nih..tangan Ammar dah nak patah nih. Banyak keja kena buat kat school. Penat tau tak!"

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