Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Away with the family

We will be away from KL for the next 4 days. Kami anak-beranak akan bercuti ke Port Dickson til Sunday (my other half's bday gak on Sunday). Kenapa PD? sebab Penang (dah banyak kali pi), Pangkor (takut orang ramai kat jeti) and Langkawi (last minute booking flight mahal)..those places were in our list actually. While browsing the Net, i came across this site, They gave me a good bargain for a 3 nite stay in Guoman PD. Kiranya not badlah compared to the ones yang i did manage to check the prices. I'm all set for the well-deserved holiday before school opens on 5th Jan, 2009. Even the young man also can't wait for the trip tomorrow. However, hubby insist nak bawak his broadband. Reason: takut ada urgent work/job...cehhhhh!

Oh, i managed to grab hubby's pressie tonite in KLCC. This time, i dragged him along and let him choose what he wants. With a budget that i had kept aside just for him, he pilih satu yang berkenan di hati (even though rasanya dalam hati berkenan yang lagi satu but the RM i can't really afford compared to this one)

It's Tommy Hillfiger. Last year i bought Timex. Frankly speaking, a wrist watch is the only one yang i can buy for him. Clothes, perfumes, shoes, belts or even wallets i've never bought before. It's because he's so picky and CEREWET when it comes to those things. Let him beli himselflah. This one i can choose on my own. But i knew he likes chrono watches especially those from Tissot (maap ler, makcik tak mampu tahun ni!)

Then, me too bought something for next year. I bought a cK white shirt for a 70% discount in Parkson. And also 2 UCB black and purple shirts for also 70% discount...hehehehe..pembeli berhemah. Good bargain, i would say. Tapi bila blik umah, i remembered that i will be wearing office clothes for 2 days in a week. The rest it'll be sports attire..ceh, i forgot that i'll teach PJK (err, my fave too!) next year. Shop for sports attire lepas nih.

Nak pack barang pulak after this. Merry Xmas!

p/s: Santa Claus dah mai ker lom?

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