Monday, January 19, 2009

Tulisan yang kemas dan cantik

This morning, i was acknowledged during the morning briefing that i had a very nice handwriting (exact words was 'computer-liked handwriting). My boss checked our record book since my good fren is still on maternity leave. She said, "Have a look at Adzua's book. very neat and tidy handwriting!"...ceh, kembang semangkuk jap makcik....siap dapat sticker Terrific..

I will take the photo of my record book and upload it later. For now, i am actually quite nervous for the game tomorrow. Excited giler nih.....first time pi MSSD....

p/s: My boy wasn't feeling well this asked him to stay at home, but he insisted to go to school....In the evening, he complained that the kaki so sakit, so my mom bandaged his kaki. When i said to him esok tak yah gi school, he shouted.."Mama nih melampau laa...!"...huahuhuhuhuhu.......

p/ss: hubby purchased another gadget for his dslr today. My reward for today was a big plate of Loh Mee from Pavillion's food court...sedap seyyyy......oh, Jco langsung takder orang queue nak beli donut....tengah bulan kot???

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