Sunday, January 18, 2009

How was your weekend?

1. Saturday - Pi Times Warehouse Sale di Hartamas Shopping Centre. Good bargainlah! Ada stacks of books RM10 for 3. Managed to grab 4 books. Couldn't find any good chic lit book at the bargain loot. Even hubby managed to grab few items. My boy pun beli vcd for RM3 a piece. It was a hot and sunny day.

2. Sunday - Went to JJ AU for lunch. After my boy headed back to Melaka, me and hubby went to KLCC to watch Yes Man. I won complimentary tixs for that show from RedFM. Gave Ahcu two tixs. She watched earlier than us and commented it was a hillarious! Yes it was indeed minus the ending part. To me, they could have ended it better than that. Extend a bit laa...Jim Carey nampak sangat very obvious sudah dimakan usia. Aren't we all? I realized yesterday pigmentation sudah mula muncul di bahagian leher saya. Ouch! How to get rid of that? (I counted how old i will be this year..and duh..will be 34 tahun boy baru nak masuk 5 tahun...tuanyaaaa!!!)

p/s: Clock is ticking....have to produce another heir or heiress this year!


Miss BumbleBee said...

make more babies or danial 'ammar will constantly repeat to atok.. 'Cucu atok ONE aja'!!!

Arin said...

nnt sampai bila2 asik ONE je!