Sunday, March 29, 2009

A total blast!

Not bad huh for being a first-timer celebrating Earth Hour. Don't care what others said about the event that took place yesterday, as a teacher i felt obligated to teach my kids the importance to keep planet Earth the way it used to be. What the heck, it may not give difference at all but the important thing is to create the AWARENESS....We went to Capsquare since it's nearer to KL Tower. Got a nice view where we could see KLCC blackout from far (even though not exactly at 8.30 pm). Managed to park at the basement of Capsquare and joined the Walk of Hope parade. Saw sooooooooo many celebrities and Ahcu was enjoying herself by taking pictures with celebrities that i have forgotten their name. Meet up with Ingel and her bf. Ammar enjoyed himself even though he was scared the moment the lights went off. Enjoyed ourselves at Coffee Bean while waiting for the lights to be switch on again at 9.30pm. Saw Jac and Rina from 8tv at the Coffee Bean (the outlet gave 10% discount on the total bill spend during the Earth Hour!). Went home and slept early....Sunday is Astro Ceria Karnival Day at Bukit Kiara...will blog about it later. Still tired from these activities that took place this weekend. Penat siut tapi memang berbaloi!

p/s: never heard of Capsquare before til yesterday. Another cool place to hangout with friends in KL.

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Anonymous said...

i was at capsquare too dat nite
x jmpe pn hehehe

mmg best lepak situ