Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minggu watch movies

This week we watched 2 movies. That's a record for both of us. Normally beli dvd cetak rompak jer, but this week kami gian tengok movie. Monday was Fast and Furious and today was Paul Blart - Police Mall. Fast and Furious has always been my fave minus the Tokyo Drift. I just loved listening to Vin Diesel punyer voice. Sangat macho....on our way back home, berangan nak drive macam dia tapi dilarang oleh co-pilot sebab KL hujan lebat..ceh!

As for Paul Blart tadi, so-so jer laa. I booked the tickets as the movie was produced by Adam Sandler. Knowing that hubby is his biggest fan, thought Adam and his best buddy, Rob Schneider would appear in 1 or 2 scenes, tapi malangnya tiada. Hubby laughed out loud a lot! me...hmmmmm, ketawa dalam diam.

After this tatau nak watch movie apa..maybe He's not that into you kot. Almost watched it on Tuesday di GSC Pavillion, but the show was scheduled at 8pm which actually it's already quite late for us (actually me that has to wake up early for work the next day).

Tomorrow is Friday...yeehaaa...encik Ammar akan datang...but Saturday is our Sports Day...aiseyyyy...

p/s: Cuti Hari Pekerja kami bertiga ke Penang..short vacation!

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