Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another movie review - He's just not that into you

Watched it at GSC Pavillion last Wednesday. Still can't use my free bday tix from them (damn!). The show started at 8.10 and ended around 10 plus. I was so tired because i had PJK and netball during the day (was still in that attire when i went to watch the movie with hubby). The seats in GSC was spacious compared to TGV KLCC. How was the movie? not my cup of tea laa. Dragging and too heavy kot the issue about searching for Mr Right. Drew Barrymore looked kinda fat in that movie. Jennifer Aniston looked so old (her hands dah wrinkled!)...a colleague did warn me that the movie did not get a good review, but saya masih still mau watch it.

Looking forward for another 3 good movies (i hope so!):
1. I love you, man (Paul Rudd)
2. The proposal (Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)
3. Seventeen again (Zac Efron and Matthew Perry)

p/s: Not forgetting Transformer! One colleague dah watch 'Coming Soon'. She said, so scary! Teringat cerita Jelangkung from Indonesia. Watch it ramai-ramai kat rumah nenek KL dulu.

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