Saturday, May 2, 2009

2nd day in Penang

Didn't go anywhere. Bermalas-malasan di pool after bfast til noon. Walked along the beach to Naza Hotel for lunch. The tomyam was superb! Slept til evening cause it rained today. For dinner, hubby booked the BBQ Buffet dinner at the hotel. What else can i say...marvellous! especially the seafood dish...and also the dessert..phew...even Danial enjoyed his spaghetti and grilled salmon!

Tomorrow we'll fly back to KL with MAS. That's the end of our short vacation here. The other one will be year end.

p/s: me and hubby buat ringkasan drama sendiri about this Chinese man with his Taiwanese/Korean/etc GF. Sah-sah GF sebab tengok semacam je mamat tu. Dok pandang kiri kanan takut kantoi kot...

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Miss BumbleBee said...

ala, takut ader org spying on them kot. kihkihkih.

oh, penang!!!!

*tetiba emo teringat 7yrs kat sana pulak*