Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vacation in Penang

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely in Penang yesterday around 2:45 pm. Yeah, there were so many cars travelling up north. Very bad jammed. I heard even to south pun the same, kereta jalan macam siput. We travelled by Nice bus this time. Saja nak bagi new experience to Danial. He was so restless and kept asking me," Ma, jauh lagi ke?", "Ma, pukul berapa nak sampai?"..etc..etc...he only managed to doze off i hour before we reached Sg Nibung the bus station.

Managed to take a cab from there to Tanjung Bungah for RM35. We were told it might cost around RM40 or RM50. Able to check in at Tanjung Bungah for the second time. I was pissed off for few minutes when they didn't give the bfast coupons. WTF, bayar mahal-mahal tader bfast? After i made an issue about it, it seems that the clerk at the counter overlooked my bookings. Ceh, nasib baik dapat. Kalau tak.......Danial akan tengok mama dia ngamuk lagik kat counter!

We saw an ad at the lobby about shuttle service to Batu Feringghi night market. Yeah, murah saja return trip per person RM10!...Danial FOC. The van will leave at 7pm and pick us up at 10pm. Membeli DVD for Ahcu and B-Daman toys for Danial. DVDs that i wanted gambar tak clear lagi ( i wanted the movies that was written earlier in my blog). Apa-apa pun, Danial loves his B-Daman purchases, RM10 jer! Alang-alang, hubby bought 2 for him.

Now, am waiting for him to wake up. It's raining out there. Perut dah nanyi lagu keroncong, Danial tak bangun lagi. Kesian dia malam tadi tidur tak nyenyak, sakit gusi. Nasib baik mama ada bekalkan ubat. Harap-harap hari ini ok.

p/s: apa agaknyer nak buat hari ini?

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