Friday, May 22, 2009


Came across this article today.
I heard about the issue.
I remembered my BTN course 14 years ago.
I can't recalled those things said in the article.
Ours was ok and fun.
Maybe time has changed?
Isn't the purpose of BTN was to instill semangat cintakan negara?
(during my time, BTN was compulsory for scholars going abroad)
Why now it is full of hatred towards other races? (so as to speak)
(i have MANY friends from other races...please ya, we need to live in harmony despite being in a country with different races and beliefs..isn't that what Malaysia is famous for?)

p/s: on a different note, the finale last night was AWESOME!
my fave performers were: Danny & Lionel Ritchie, Steve Martin, Carlos Santana, Queen (minus the lead singer) and 'bikini' funny lah!

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