Sunday, May 24, 2009

My boys

On Saturday, we watched Night at the Museum 2. TGV KLCC was packed with people. What i don't understand now is...since when if we booked thru the phone, we will be given a lower seat (lower means nearer to the screen!) used to be at the top, now i'm like seating 2 or 3 rows from the screen. And yet we have to paid extra RM1 for booking it thru the phone. Not that i mind laa, but yeah? since when they changed the seating reservations?...Anyhow, the movie was GOOD! i laughed and laughed and fave line, " power!"...even my boy didn't fall asleep!

Oh, before promised we bought this for him:
Played together with him for several rounds until i got tired arranging the sticks. It is a good game to bond with your child. Bought it in Toys R Us. It is a MIRACLE that he did not switch on the PS2 to play his usual games. He said, "Ammar boring la main game PS,"...ceh..budak-budak zaman sekarang...

p/s: Hubby bought an additional gadget to his current collections. After much persuasion, he finally bought it in KLCC....phew, no more thinking hats whether to buy or not to buy...!

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Syigim said...

game ni mmg cute gile! i once bought it for my youngest sister. not as easy as it looks! ;)

glad to hear ur boy not too hooked up on ps2. khaleef pun amazingly x addicted to xbox. dia still bole stop to read books & susun2 soldier ijau dia tu..