Friday, May 8, 2009

Love on wheels

Recently, me and colleagues were invited to participate 'Love on Wheels'. Apa ke benda nyer tuh? It's actually Aunty's Clarine latest community project. Love on wheels is actually delivering free food for residents in Jinjang Utara (tak silap laa). I followed her and her team 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. I was stunned when we arrived at the first stop. There were so many people waiting in lines for the people. Aunty Clarine and her team are famously known as the 'green plastic bag' people because they put the container/food in a green plastic bags.

At the rumah panjang, young and old people waited for us since 4pm. We arrived there actually at 6.00pm. After mingling and delivering the food, we went to the next stop. This time the residents lives in flats. Again, the same situation,. People queued and waited from us since 4pm. Why they queue so earlier? It's because if there's no more food, they will not get any. Some nyonyas/aunties/aci brought down their own stool to sit down while waiting for us.

Why Aunty Clarine started this project? It's because she said there are people in KL that went to bed at night without food. By doing this, at least she knew that these people that took the food from her team, has eaten something for that day.

I stumbled upon this article today. Boleh dibayangkan kesedihan yang dialami oleh keluarga tersebut. I've been there and i knew how it feels. And i am blessed with what i have now know. Blessed that i still can provide something for my own family including mom and dad even though i only meet them during the weekends. Blessed that me and my sisters are given proper education so that when we are all grown ups, we can take care of our own family. In other words, alhamdulillah dengan apa yang ada. Jangan sesekali menidakkan rezeki yang diberi Allah. Itu semua ujian yang datang dariNya.

p/s: hari ini saya berkebaya labuh ke tempat kerja. Some said i looked like an ustazah (yeah rite, should see me on other days with my PJK outfit...), some kids didn't even recognised me..they said," Cikgu Adzua, is that you?"...hahahaha...worst still, a teacher took time to greet me because he COULDN'T recognised me at all...walauweiiiiii)


Arin said...

amik le gambo pakai baju kebaya labuh..tepek kat blog..heheheh..

Lulu said...

1st thing, mana pictures Love-on-Wheel....

2nd thing, mana cikgu tu...he never know Cikgu Adzue can be so "ayu" meh!haha~