Thursday, May 28, 2009

Metrojaya Fragrance and Cosmetics Warehouse sale

As in my previous entries, i have bad karma lately when it comes to online shopping. So, on Wednesday, i opt for real shopping thru a friend. She went to the Metrojaya Fragrance and Cosmetics Sale in Shah Alam. I asked her a favor to buy a few perfumes for me and hubby. Since i am not allowed to leave the workplace during working hours, she was my saviour on Wednesday. She called in the afternoon asking for confirmation on items that i have asked her to purchase on my behalf. Wow, VERY CHEAP!....i can't believe when she told me the prices. Oh wow, i was jumping up and down when i heard what she has bought for me.

This is what i bought last Wednesday:

Many, huh? Ya lorrr...what to do. This is what we called RETAIL THERAPY. The Anna Sui perfume she gave it for free (claimed to be post-dated bday gift). Ralph Lauren Notorious is for me...50ml EDP for RM80. Yeah, i know cheap giler!....Wait til you read the price for Polo Double Black EDT and its After Shave. Both 125ml. Jeng..jeng..jeng...RM150 ONLY!!!!...hahahahaha..i was jumping up and down when i heard the price. Why laa? Because it is soooooo cheap compared to if we buy somewhere else.

Tomorrow will be going to the warehouse sale with friends from workplace. I will not buy any perfumes but will search for Anna Sui's lipsticks. I heard the color is nice.

Oh, will not be around til next Thursday. Balik JB.

p/s: Ops, Anna Sui Dream is RM69 for 30ml. I loike the smell...fresh!

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