Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Online shopping?? Lessons that i have learnt!

Today, i had another HORRIBLE encounter with an online shopping website/blog. The first time when i ordered the tops for my friend, she send one of the items wrongly. Tonight, when i received the correct item (supposedly), it was the wrong color. She said, it was mentioned in her blog 'that color might be different a bit from those shown on her blog'. Bullshit...this is not 'bit'..this is A LOT!....do not use 'WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET'..in this case, 'WHAT YOU SEE MIGHT NOT BE WHAT YOU'LL GET'....

After several SMS, she finally said," next time don't order from me la as i cannot satisfy your needs and wants,". Hell no i am going to buy anything from her again! Even though the items look good on her blog, I shall not shop online from there anymore as this is a valuable experience for me. Not every online sellers are genuine and honest. Some of the bloggers that i have known are purely passionate doing an online business. I salute those bloggers (including my cousin, Anasfadilah). Go for it ladies....!

Again, my pain is your loss, @#$%&!!!!!

opsss....this is the blog.

p/s: this is my personal experience. Please do not hesitate to try out her outfits. But, i've warned you people, right?


Miss BumbleBee said...

real-world shopping sales is coming soon, apa lagi.. buy buy buy lah!

Anasfadilah said...

sometime tu lah kalau berniaga tak jujur ni tak berkat..

tapi all the bajus there look good la kak long..tapi sayang la kalau dia buat customer macam tu

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April said...

I think there is always a risk when you shop with people or sites that are less well known. I regularly buy clothing online, but I stick to more well establish brands such Great Universal and have always been happy with the service. I would never buy from a blog to be honest, but maybe I am just too cautious.