Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tony Roma and durian

Dinner with hubby yesterday in Pavillion

Complimentary bread with garlic sauce

I ordered a burger set...can't recalled the name. R18.90

Hubby ordered Potato Skin. RM17.90

A HUGE glass of Coke for both of us. RM6.90
(we ordered ice water too!)

Ceh, mana ada Tony Roma jual durian. We had dinner at Tony Roma, Pavillion last night. The food was ok laa. I still loves TGIF. However, Tony's beverages glass is HUGE...refillable!!!...bought a Coke and shared with hubby.

Above were the pictures taken with hubby' s hp. My sis had lunch set last week. Memang berbaloi! RM16.90 jer....but memang full katanyer! Will definitely try the lunch set during the school holidays.

Durians? oh i bought 3 packets of durians by the road side today. Teringin nak makan sebenarnya. Shared with Ahcu since hubby memang tak jamah langsung durian!

p/s: Off to watch American Idol. With a bowl of Mihun Sup 'Minang Tarkanang juo' for dinner and dessertnya durian.....ciao!

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taichee~@! said...


You should have tried the ribs and the mushroom goreng!

Nyaman gilers~@!